Grey and White Matters


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The weather has been uneasy these days. It outsmarts me all the time. The sun could be shining as bright as ever and the heat would be so unbearable, but with a quick turn, a gush of cold wind and droplets of rain pours all over from the sky. But I couldn’t care less, because the weekend combo is sometimes just a simple grey tee and white shorts! It’s a simple but extremely cozy tee from The Longhouse Clothing based in Kota Samarahan. There’s nothing I could say about the design and the material, because as simple as it is, I love it just that way. And by the way, as crazy as the weather has been, so is my life recently. But, no matter how crazy it gets, nothing beats pampering yourself with dressing up as you wish and being confident in your own skin. Life has to go on and it just gets better, right?

Oh, and also, support the local arts and talents!

Tee: The Longhouse Clothing   Shorts: Padini Authentics   Shades: Rayban   Watch: Casio Baby G   Sneakers: Converse

Summer Favorites with Toki Choi!


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summer favorites

I’m so happy now that it’s summer. So happy that I could feel the feather lightness on my feet. Because it’s summer! The fashion industry cycles along the four seasons, which is a rather unfortunate issue to people who live in the tropics. When I see all my favorite bloggers wearing big, long coats, I couldn’t help but envy, because the weather never allows me to wear coats. (In some months, not even layered clothes or jackets.) So, it’s finally summer now, can you possibly understand my overwhelming joy! I also have been floating from sites to sites on the internet, looking for more places to shop from. And from here, I found one! Toki Choi is an internet fashion seller based in (If you’re not Malaysian, its less likely you’ll hear of this, but it’s just something similar to eBay. We all know eBay!) And not to worry, I’ve checked the ratings: It’s all good! Above are my few favorite items as I source through the store. (They have way more to offer, I promise!) Also, if you’re on the mood to shop tonight, they are having a RM19.90 sales for a wide variety of tops and bottoms. (I also visited that area, looks really promising!)

(Clockwise starting from sweatpants): Sweatpants, Gillet, Checkered cardigan, Skirt, Metallic Drawstrings Short. All from Toki Choi.

A Break


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One fortunate thing about being a Malaysian is that you wouldn’t believe how many holidays we have in a year. (A diversity of ethnicity does its job.) So, it’s really great that we all are able to take a break once in a few months and let things go. On top of all the holidays, our city is one of the most beautiful and friendliest city among whole of Malaysia. Say for example, the waterfront walkway, located just right beside the longest river of Sarawak. It feels refreshing to take a walk here sometimes. It really soothes the body and the soul. Taking a holiday doesn’t necessarily mean spending an amount of money to buy happiness. Because we all need to stop and take a look around us, to discover all the beautiful, costless and irreplaceable things right before the eyes.

Outfit Compilation: May


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Can’t believe it’s June already. The next half of 2014 is coming so soon, and I’m not even ready for its grand arrival. 2015 sounds rather strange and far away. In May, I managed to do 6 OOTDs. Among all, I would say I like my ripped shorts with the denim jacket blazer the best. Denim and denim don’t necessarily go wrong, which in this case, I think they go well just right together! I also kinda fell in love with that black and white strappy sandals, which added to my tiny footwear collections. I try to expand my wardrobe little by little, because we know basics are essential gears, but we need the variation to make them interesting.

Also, there will be a Fashion Design Competition going on in Kuching, Sarawak (The first ever!). And it’s going to be very interesting (because it’s really the first ever!). We’re gathering contestants from all over Sarawak to head over to Plaza Merdeka to compete on the runway! So, please spread the words quickly and don’t let this opportunity slip away! Visit Sarawak Youth Fashion Design Competition 2014 here for more information, or you can click on the Sarawak Youth Fashion Design category tab in my blog (not a paperdoll) for a quick summary of how to enter the competition! For further inquiries, leave a comment here below, or email us at

UNIMAS Fashion Week


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IMG_7776It was the first time I’ve set my feet into UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak). It, being the largest local university in Sarawak, it’s really not a joke. The compound of the university is as big as a kampung and students get around using bicycles, motorcycles, and even, cars. The distance from one faculty to another is not a distance to be covered on feet if you’re to wake up late for your 8am morning class. Little did I know that, the university offers a fashion design course. The facilities and infrastructures are really well-equipped, and I must say UNIMAS is doing a great job in providing the best equipment among all both private and local universities in town. (Thumbs up to that!) Photos above are 3 sets of my favorite among all designers, each set from each designer. By the way, they also have a gallery promoting students’ works of arts. The hornbill illustration is made solely of colored straws, and the crocs, IT stuffs such as electric board, LEDs and etc. I love the crocs, it’s really cool, if you can see it in person!


Too Dreamy But I’m Home


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It felt like a dream yesterday, and the aftermath of that happening made me feel light and tipsy. Not because of alcohol, but the overwhelming tension and nervousness, and the palpable quietness in the entire concert hall. So I really need a quick but short stop, just to make sure I’m still physically on Earth. And slowly dragging my mind back to reality. That’s why I needed to be dressed casually. Denims and long sleeves. No heels, but a pair of sandals. And no excessive make up. No hair do. And no contact lenses. I just wanted to feel like I’m home.

Long Sleeve: Uniqlo  Dungaree: Online store  Sandals: EZRA  Glasses: Because I have degrees


A Piano Debut


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Still feeling a little overwhelmed, I sit here amazed by the drive when one is desperate or pushed to the edge. I wasn’t exactly at the edge, but I was determined. It has been long since I hold my dream and my standing strongly and proudly. The majority always sneers and laughs at dreams, but there still will be a tiny crowd, in which the people have dreams as big as I do, and that’s where you get recharged and all your mental strength. This is not the end to my journey, as I continue hitting, falling and getting up, and the process remains recycled. I am grateful for the supportive crowd, who made my day. I appreciate what my teachers had taught me. I thank all my friends and family for their hard work. But most of all, I would like to pamper and flatter myself a little. I deserve a little appreciation for myself, don’t I? The process hasn’t been easy, but it gets harder as I reach further and higher because I am wildly ambitious.

Finally, this closes my first piano debut on the 18th May 2014.

We’re up and on-the-go!


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Hello again, fashion followers, broadcasting live from my messy bedroom, I am greatly honored to bring you all Sarawakians a massive fashion news! The very first time ever, all over Sarawak, our team is bringing you the biggest Sarawak Youth Fashion Design Competition which will be held in Kuching on the 31st of August 2014! I am really hyped up and excited to share this good news, because I have evidenced and I know that the local has many artistic talents, who are as eager as I am to prove themselves! So, let’s get to the main points!

How to Enter

It’s really easy. You can obtain the forms online (Here in the Registration Form album) or from our booth in Merdeka Plaza. Fill up the forms. Send it via post to our address listed in the form or email it to us at! Easy, isn’t it? Also, bear in mind that the deadline for enrollment is 15th June 2014, so make sure not to miss it!


Every details should be listed accurately in the registration form under Rules and Regulations. However, if there are further questions you would need an immediate answer, just drop us an email at! Our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

The Competition

Stage 1: Preliminary 

The competition is opened to all Sarawakians. We say it, and we mean it! We will be going down to Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and of course Kuching to meet our 32 chosen contestants from the registered applicants at the listen venues, dates and times! Please be ready with your portfolio by then, and be ready to speak up for your designs! Confident is the first key to giving a great first impression, right?

Stage 2: Semi-final

Out of 32 contestants, 16 lucky winners will proceed to the semi-final, which is to be held in Plaza Merdeka, Kuching on 31st August 2014 in the morning. Flight and accomodation will be provided by our committee. Free flight and free stay! 

Stage 3: Final

8 participants will finally emerge from the semi-final and proceed to our final, which is held on the consecutive evening in Plaza Merdeka on 31st August 2014.


Grand Prize: RM 2,000

Second Place: RM 1,500

Third Place: RM 1,000

Fourth Place: RM 500

(Issues as such sponsorship, promotion, press conference or others, please email directly to



It’s coming to Kuching!


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Ever since I visited the local designers booths in the Meet Up Kuching event back in April, I have been determined to do my best to help levitate the local fashion design in anyway I can. Days after that, I received a message saying that I can do a favor to the local fashion design scene. I glowed with happiness instantly, because to be involved in this going-to-be-real-big youth carnival 2014 in Kuching is not a chance I can always get. Without a doubt, I agreed and joined my forces with the team. Things have been a rather big rush, but hey, look at us, girls can do it too (we have majority females in the team, if you don’t mind.) ;)

The Sarawak Youth Fashion Design Competition is held in conjuction with the U R the 1 Youth Festival 2014, which is fully supported by the Ministry of Youth and Development Sarawak. Isn’t it a little sad and depressing to not be seeing these events going on in Kuching? Standing proud on the island of Borneo, we have loads of talents who excel in arts, crafts and designs. Couldn’t take my words? Just look at the batik prints in Sarawak! We have the finest quality of batik prints, if not internationall, locally. I believe however, our reputation has gone further than our local community because I have seen so many foreign friends who love batik prints just as much as we do!

Taking the lead, our team will be organizing and holding the first biggest Fashion Design Competition in Sarawak. Registration will be opened for Sarawakians only. We will be travelling down from Kuching to towns and cities, such as Limbang, Miri and so forth to meet up with the chosen 32 contestants. On the 31st of August, the semi-final, which is down to 16 contestants and the final, down to 8 contestants will compete at the Merdeka Plaza, Kuching, surrounded by all tourism attractions, such as the Waterfront, the Courthouse and the old Post Office. Furthermore, you don’t spend a single bit nor you have to worry about coming down to Kuching as the transportation will be organized and sponsored by the organizing committee!

More details will be up on the blog and on our Facebook page sooner than you think! If you have the passion in fashion design, whether or not you are a student or a pro, come join us here in Kuching! Also, like our Facebook page for more information later on.

Oops, Knee Ripped!


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I could be a little late now, but I still am going to make an effort to catch up with this few cool trends that happened most probably back in Autumn/Winter, which is the knee-ripped jeans. What magic do they do? Let’s see, these details make a rather dull skinny jeans more appealing and interesting! Hey hey, wait, please do not underestimate the power of little details. Just like showing some skin on a sexy bareback long maxi dress, sometimes little is more. If you just pair up a basic white tee, a pair of sneakers, with a pair of normal looking skinny jeans, what makes you different from the others? Now this is when the knee-ripped details come in! I DIY-ed my knee-ripped jeans because those affordable ones are not available in our local stores, but hey, I still love the look of it despite whether it comes from a high-end fashion store or DIY. Sometimes the love and appreciation towards what you have value just more than the material numbers and figures. Because we made it ourselves, hence we love it so much better. Just like this old but newly transformed pair of jeans.

Cap: Tiny store in Sungei Wang  Top: Forever 21  Jeans: DIY Padini Old Jeans  Sneakers: Really old Converse  Glasses: Because I have short-sightedness


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