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After hanging around visually on the internet around many international fashion designer brands, I suddenly had an itch to find out some local designers who are currently on the watch list. My search did not at all disappoint me. In fact, it brought a twinkle to my eyes and powered up my hopes further. Joe Chia, graduating from the Ruffles College, he has taken his stand among the Malaysian designers as well as in the European fashion industry. Joe Chia, to me, has an individual and minimalistic taste towards fashion, implementing mostly only black, white and grey shades to his works. Above are a few of his recent works I’ve taken from his Instagram. Not only he has a collection of amazing ready-to-wear clothing, his photo albums are just as awesome in BNW.

Information: JOE CHIA

Images: Instagram

A Call For Sweater Weather

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I like spacey outfits, and oversized are just oozing awesomeness. Stepping into August calls for a colder weather and that would mean some warm fabric wrapped around our skins. More than anything else, such as coats and jackets, I personally prefer a piece of slouchy sweater because of its ready-to-go quality. I mean, throw on an oversized sweater over a pair of denim jeans and slipped on some heels or even birks, and the outcome is always wonderful. Whether it calls for a lazy fashion, a boyfriend style or casual, they all work. Now I’d just have to hunt for a few pieces of these perfect oversized sweaters and wait for the season to come by while having a cup of hot cocoa.

Black and Destroyed


There has been a few downs quite recently, thus the heavy moods. Black is the usual color, but it looks more powerful in a black and white photo. It shouts and cries how I felt for the past days: dark. But, well, everything passes with time and I’m now cheered up and ready to pick up my pace again. (Because heavy metal kinda helps.)

The From Where I Stand

IMG_20140630_110809 IMG_20140722_204325 IMG_20140731_172201 IMG_20140803_132000

The ‘From Where I Stand’ Instagram posts. I’m not a frequent blogger, plus not having a tripod stand pisses me off. I mean, DSLR but I am all alone? Pergh, what’s the use of that expensive toy? So lately, I’ve been taking my #ootd(s) this way. Too many sloths living in me, right? Well after experiment with this angle (which is rather challenging so I am thinking if other professional bloggers actually have a third party taking photos of them in this angle and direction.), I like the last photo most. I guess there’s a color that pops out among all blacks and it kinda just stays in the favorite list. Also personally I really like the dress that contours my body shape (despite having to suck in my tummy). And that leopard tee. Awesome. I know.

Grey and White Matters



The weather has been uneasy these days. It outsmarts me all the time. The sun could be shining as bright as ever and the heat would be so unbearable, but with a quick turn, a gush of cold wind and droplets of rain pours all over from the sky. But I couldn’t care less, because the weekend combo is sometimes just a simple grey tee and white shorts! It’s a simple but extremely cozy tee from The Longhouse Clothing based in Kota Samarahan. There’s nothing I could say about the design and the material, because as simple as it is, I love it just that way. And by the way, as crazy as the weather has been, so is my life recently. But, no matter how crazy it gets, nothing beats pampering yourself with dressing up as you wish and being confident in your own skin. Life has to go on and it just gets better, right?

Oh, and also, support the local arts and talents!

Tee: The Longhouse Clothing   Shorts: Padini Authentics   Shades: Rayban   Watch: Casio Baby G   Sneakers: Converse

Summer Favorites with Toki Choi!

summer favorites

I’m so happy now that it’s summer. So happy that I could feel the feather lightness on my feet. Because it’s summer! The fashion industry cycles along the four seasons, which is a rather unfortunate issue to people who live in the tropics. When I see all my favorite bloggers wearing big, long coats, I couldn’t help but envy, because the weather never allows me to wear coats. (In some months, not even layered clothes or jackets.) So, it’s finally summer now, can you possibly understand my overwhelming joy! I also have been floating from sites to sites on the internet, looking for more places to shop from. And from here, I found one! Toki Choi is an internet fashion seller based in (If you’re not Malaysian, its less likely you’ll hear of this, but it’s just something similar to eBay. We all know eBay!) And not to worry, I’ve checked the ratings: It’s all good! Above are my few favorite items as I source through the store. (They have way more to offer, I promise!) Also, if you’re on the mood to shop tonight, they are having a RM19.90 sales for a wide variety of tops and bottoms. (I also visited that area, looks really promising!)

(Clockwise starting from sweatpants): Sweatpants, Gillet, Checkered cardigan, Skirt, Metallic Drawstrings Short. All from Toki Choi.

A Break






One fortunate thing about being a Malaysian is that you wouldn’t believe how many holidays we have in a year. (A diversity of ethnicity does its job.) So, it’s really great that we all are able to take a break once in a few months and let things go. On top of all the holidays, our city is one of the most beautiful and friendliest city among whole of Malaysia. Say for example, the waterfront walkway, located just right beside the longest river of Sarawak. It feels refreshing to take a walk here sometimes. It really soothes the body and the soul. Taking a holiday doesn’t necessarily mean spending an amount of money to buy happiness. Because we all need to stop and take a look around us, to discover all the beautiful, costless and irreplaceable things right before the eyes.