Sporty Chic

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The key term for Sporty Chic style is, ultimate comfort. Despite wearing your lazy Sunday sweatpants, you can still look good, so why not? Even though you’re not wearing heels but you can still look fabulously chic, so why not? Most of all, you can dress up in men’s clothes/more manly clothes however you want, but still appear gorgeous and casually sexy, so… yeah, why not? Well the thing is, everyone needs a rest and submerge oneself in a big pool of laziness once in a while, so do our feet which have been strapped in heels most of the time. So, it’s time to procrastinate. Well, maybe not, because putting up with this look still requires some thoughts and imaginations, right? But as we all are, we love looking beautiful, we love looking at ourselves in the mirror, and also we love walking down the streets hoping to leave some good impressions in the eyes of everyone (including females too), plannings are important. But yeah, the good news is that, sneakers, trainers, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies and beanies, they’re all in trend now, all of the items that make up the sporty chic look!

So, let us all cry for the awesomeness and hip-hip-hooray! :D

(Photos taken from Pinterest)


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